Goldie Bar is located in the King Street west of Toronto, the capital town of Ontario: Canada. Goldie bar toronto has a town pub, one each on downstairs and upstairs situated right after walking through the dancing floor area. The pub has an intake capacity of around 250 individuals per night as the bar itself is a moderate size. The bar has DJs on each floor playing all of the kind of music from the 80s into the new genre supplying an intense mood to all their customers or their customers.

Goldie pub is thought of as the best bar in Toronto as it gives a lot of variety of fun and enjoinment during the night. This is an area for recreation, entertainment, and fun as well as entertainment at which you can just relax and have a full-on drilling experience. The bar has two different floors but the upstairs area opens at about midnight. You can even have Goldie unique i.e. yummy tapas before in the night with your favorite drink and later combine the transformation of it into a club vibe.

Goldie bar is very strict when it comes to age, they limit from allowing less than 19 years of age group on a standard night club. There’s absolutely no exclusion for those whose age is under 19, regardless of if they attempt to trick the doorway staff. They also assert some dress code like one has to be a little classy, fashion-forward. They also permit any people who dress decently and moderately and for the ladies, they’re permitted to take bags, side bags except for the men.

Goldie bar is considered the very best pub in Toronto because their fees for the drink are reasonable and affordable. They also possess some pricey bottles that are meant for high quality regular men and women. And the best part is that the bar allows free entry on the upstairs bar for the women before midnight although the cover fees for men are not free.


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