Mobile led trucks are an advertising truck which generates strong impression and superb exposure at the street-level. These trucks are exceptional for recognition and brand recognition. They contribute to the present market campaigns quite well. Mobile led truck reaches the audiences missed by conventional media in a fraction. It is a brand new resolution marketing truck and is must for the mobile tactical effort.

It’s a simple setup feature and functionality is attracting the stationed events or showroom that’s targeted to a certain place to a more precise area. Both the sides of the panels may be enlarged into a stage that’s suitable for outdoor events like public speaking, mini-concerts etc. it can also convert the carriage into a bigger multipurpose space. Mobile led trucks give large air clear clear inside space with a high ceiling which has crested many chances of its use, such as discussion area, showroomand visitor lounge etc..

Mobile led trucks possess a lifted led display that provides good impact and vulnerability to the viewers. It includes a multimedia controller system along with the capability of live streaming for occasions. The truck design is upgradable to perform augmented reality applications for enhancing audience interaction. Mobile led trucks are acceptable for many events such as promotional roadshow, showroom, product launching event, exhibition space, press conference, live broadcasting, performance phase, occasion backdrop etc..

The characteristics of the outdoor digital media truck are not only to fix up the installation time of an event but also to spare time from re-setting upward when movement is needed. It’s cost efficiency with great outcomes. Aside from that, the led screen is a much cheaper yet superior replacement of temporary background. Mobile led truck is operational efficacy, it is user-friendly multimedia control that allows content update anytime conveniently, various versions of advertisements can be changed based on strategy, effort or demographics of the target market. The advertiser can monitor the mobile-led truck handily through a GPS tracking system.


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