Malaysia is situated on Westside Vancouver, British Columbia. It is home to some of the earliest and most prominent buildings from the city. Mainly a business oriented hub, its old-fashioned houses, sophistication, and vibrant ambiances make it a suitable place for residential dwellings. The Malaysia Street boasts of lots of luxury single houses along with the North side of West 57th Avenue.

Like many places outside of downtown, nearly all lodging in the Sungai long Property region is composed of condos for accommodations and vacation rental houses. Lodging in this region can be newfangled and more modern too. An individual can find both single houses and apartment buildings within this subdivision. Tall trees surround bulk of the streets in Malaysia. A normal lot in this area is about 10,000 sq. ft. and the floor area may be 5,000 to 7,000 sq. ft.

Average rates for grand single flats might fluctuate based on size, location and construction materials. Ordinarily, a new home is sold for $900 to $1000 per square foot in floor space, with a total cost in 4 to 6 million Canadian dollars.The era of construction is 1 variable that determines the breaking of used condos and houses. Occasionally, used house might be costly lower depending on its age. Here, the era of home and the cost will be in opposite proportion. But, mostly the older ones often tend to have the best place is that this neighborhood.

Malaysia areas are relatively secure as compared to other locations and houses are offered with relatively modest pricing. Several apartments, condos, and townhouse rentals are all available for monthly holiday rental, extended stay and corporate lease, or long-term tenancy. Designated as a beautiful shopping destination in Vancouver with excellent public markets, Malaysia is a nice neighborhood with nearly everything that a resident could wish for.


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